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I am a second generation Florida vegetable grower who scouted literally millions of vegetable plants every week for disease, insects, and nutritional deficiencies. I am confident that my blogs and posts will be useful as I use my commercial experience to help your home garden or small farm be the best it can be. So take a break, here there are NO POLITICS, NO CONTROVERSIAL VIEWS just the joy and satisfaction of growing your own food. I will answer as many questions as possible. Hit me up on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and soon Tik Tok ,send me photos of your plants and I will do my best to diagnose a problem and offer advice. See links to my social media at the bottom of this page or in my blog section. Happy Gardening!

Let Me Help You Be The Boss Of Your Garden!!!

As a 20 year commercial vegetable grower in Florida and a life long Agriculture professional, I know that together we can help make your efforts to grow your own food the best it can be.

Lets grow a great crop together!

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